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Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Magic Submitter FAQs Answered !

What is magic submitter?
This all in one SEO tool can be really handy to speed up the link building process. 
Besides, instead of outsourcing your link building campaigns for third parties you can use Magic Submitter to manage and see the progress of your Off-Page SEO campaigns. What makes Magic Submitter different from other link building programs though is its designer capability. The program is able to automate the process of registering accounts and submitting content to any web based site.

The system area will provide the necessary back up to prevent the loss of data. What happens with most people is that they will end up wasting a lot of time for sending contents to different sites and the link building process will become a really complicated and time consuming activity. 

The whole account creation process took a few hours, but I did not have to stare at the computer the entire time. I was able to browse the net and work on other projects as Magic Submitter attended work. If this seems like too slow of a process for you personally, I would like to point out that most of the delay was due to the CAPTCHA solving service. It took a long time for some of the solving and sometimes the CAPTCHA's were wrong. If you manually solved the CAPTCHA's you could probably create all the accounts in under an hour. 

At times I would have the program minimized so I could work on other things. I would bring the program back up periodically to find out if there were any troubles. If Magic Submitter was stuck on anything it would hold that browser window to provide the consumer a chance to correct it. There were times that Magic Submitter couldn't find a reference text field. If this occurred I would manually key in the required data and click a "complete" button, which tells Magic Submitter that the account creation is complete. Magic Submitter will then use your profile data to login to that account.

I was able to effectively sign up at roughly 98% of all web-sites from the 5 categories. I carried out the user required actions on something like 12 web sites overall. After all of the registration is complete you must click "check emails". Magic Submitter will then download all of the emails and click on all the verification links. After all was said and done I was signed up for well over 100 web services with many of those being high level article directories and blog sites.


This is especially important when you want to rank for highly competitive keywords, because when the keyword is really difficult to rank, in some stage you will need a process of massive submission pointing to your links. 

Here are some of the basic features of Magic Submitter:

    Automatically create and verify accounts
    Spin content, titles, articles
    Submits to video sites, photo sites, blogs, micro blogs, social bookmarking sites, RSS feeds
    Add additional sites using the Magic Submitter Designer functionality
    Comprehensive video tutorials that demonstrate every aspect of Magic Submitter

A Brief for beginners...
Magic Submitter

    create hundreds of accounts to over 2000 sites automatically 
    verify the accounts
    email link verifier.

In addition, one of the greatest things about Magic Submitter in my opinion is the schedule function, because once you set up a campaign you can make it run for weeks. This is important when you want to make sure you are running a steadily link building campaign thus it will look even more natural for the search engines.


If you can't find your answers here

If are a beginner on magic submitter you might want to take a look at my startup guide here

You can read below:

Questions are directly answered by Krulik (Creator of Magic Submitter) via skype


How To Activate Magic Submitter?
Activation is very easy. You just have to insert the e-mail you used when you bought Magic Submitter and click on "Get License Key" and you're registered.

1. What types of proxies should you use?
a. Public proxies (anonymous payable)
b. Private Proxies

It is recommend to use your own IP to create accounts, as it get higher registration success rate.

2. 1 proxy can create how many accounts?
1 proxy can create 2-3 accounts per day

3. Do I need proxies to submit articles?

4. What captcha service is the best?
Deathbycaptcha, BypassCaptcha
Bypasscaptcha is recommend by alexander (creator of the magic submmiter)
Captcha Sniper, will not help very much. 


5. If my created accounts get banned or deleted?
You do not need to pay attention on it just select all and submit. If it is died then MS will not submit.Ignore it, just for one profile, in other profiles it may work, there is no way to delete accounts

6. If I keep submitting using my ip? Will my IP get banned?
Yes some sites will ban.

7. What is "Unable to create account- Unable to find Form:Signup|cpassword|login_form0"
Site is died. Go to that site and check it


8. Account Creation Failed? What's Next?
Create manually, then double click in magic submitter and set LOGIN and PASSWORD.

9. If I want to add custom sites to magic submmiter to register accounts and submit content but after I update database will my custom sites get deleted?
No, it will keep all your scripts. It will keep all my custom site that you added.

10. What kind of browser MS is using?
MagicSubmitter Browser, Firefox

Like SENuke, Magic Submitter will open up a submission window that displays up to three browser windows which give you real-time feedback of what’s going on. If any user interaction is required, the window border turns yellow or orange. Otherwise, Magic Submitter will handle everything else by itself. Once your accounts are created, Magic Submitter can handle clicking the verification emails from these sites automatically.

11. Why you spin your article?
Article spinning is similar! You are spreading your content through the web without being penalized by Google’s algorithm. And that is when Magic Submitter comes handy by submitting your spun content to tons of different places.

12. Why submission failed? Sometimes is due to your content not complied with standard content guidelines!
If you decide to use Magic Submitter, here are some campaign guidelines that we’ve taken directly from Magic Submitter Tutorials. The following applies to Article Directories, but the minimum and maximum words are pretty standard across all types of accounts.

Most article directories say minimum 400 to 500 words, so if you stay above 500 you should be fine. The resource box shouldn't be that long, just a sentence most 2, check out these videos
- Letters and numbers only. No symbols!
- Do not start each word with a capital letter.

- Maximum 150 Words

- No links
- 500 Words Minimum

- Maximum 2 links (see “ARTICLE BODY WITH LINKS“ for format details)
- Maximum 150 Words

- Maximum 2-5 keywords
- Limit keywords to a maximum of 2 words
- In other words, you may have 2-5 keywords but a single should have no more than two
words in it.

- Limit to two links.
- For links, use only the code formats shown below. In either case, no additional spaces or
formats are allowed!
- with anchor text: <a
- without anchor text:

I've created a 'Tempate' text document with all the necessary bits in it. If it's of any use to any one else, just copy and paste the stuff below into a text file and fill in the blanks. It contain a few 'helpers' because I need reminding of a few things

Bookmarking, Micro Blogs, SN MicroBlog, PLIGG, Link Directory - #link#
Blogs, Articles, WP Blogs, ELGG, WIKI <a href="#link#">#anchor#</a>

Random Links - create Random link file in Utilities\Links Manager
<a href="[randlink]">{Keyword}</a>

LINK DIRECTORY Catergory format - See Help for list of categories
Insurance|Business Insurance|Other Insurance




LONG URL's - My site Inner Pages




LINKS FOR BOOKMARKING SITES - not spun. Can use to backlink other MS links or inner pages


13. Is there a way to check proxies against hotmail in MS?

14. magic submitter only check alive proxies?

15. Can magic submitter create XXX no of profiles for all types of services
NO. ms only can create all types of services for a profile at a time.

16. Delete email after run of confirmation how long should I put?
15 Minutes

17. What is the success of magic submitter registration?
Success is very good, above 60%, below 80%.

18. What is harvest proxy automatically?
it is just for proxy harvester only


19. For submitting, payable private proxies if not you will get low success rate!
If you like to have low success rate you may use harvested proxies or public proxies

20. How much $ in USD is used to create all accounts of all services types in magic submitter? 
There are around 4000+ accounts but there are 2000+ accounts need to be registered using captchas, the cost of captcha (for deathbycaptcha) is around $2.1 USD to create 2000+ accounts. 

21. What is the success rate of creating accounts using public proxies? 
Public proxies = 0-50% on registering accounts
Shared Proxies and Private Proxies = 50%+ (They are near same rate of success)
Own IP = Near 100%

22. If I created all the accounts and left the failed ones, How can I create the failed accounts again?
The button for creating all services types accounts it will ignore already created accounts and try to create failed accounts and not created ones. Just click on the button to recreate all the failed or non created accounts.

23. if I use my Ip to create more than 2 profiles in a day? What happens?
Nothing, just that outlook do not allow more that 3 outlook accounts per day

24. How many submissions can I submit using a profile?
Per site 30-50 links per day
Example I got 25 articles with 2 links each articles

25. GSA vs. Magic Submitter for first tier
There's nothing wrong with using GSA as your tier 1, just be conservative on which engines you post to. Stick to strong CMS's (Drupal, Joomla, PHPFox, Dolphin, ELGG, Oxwall) and put the weaker engines (guestbooks, blog comments, forum profiles, most bookmarks) in your tier 2. Just make sure Tier 1 link high quality, indexed domain.

The beauty of GSA is that you can always tweak and add more tiers as you go, so start conservatively and slowly add quality links to your tier 1 rotation.

GSA got me ranking 5th position for a extremely hard to rank keyword.

26. Magic Submitter using Captcha Sniper Integration? What is the success rate?
The success rate is pretty low, You can check CS and other captcha service like death by captcha if you want, so far I'm really satisfied with Death By Captcha.

Most of the platforms Magic Submitter uses are not supported by CS as most of them are recaptcha.

CS solves just primitive captchas and if CS owners promise that CS solves PLIGG captchas it does not mean that it will solve captchas on all PLIGG sites it is because most of pligg sites uses recaptcha which is not solved by CS but if there will be primitive captcha image on some pligg sites CS will solve them Magic Submitter has very simple communication protocol - it sends all captchas to CS if it returns unknown MS sends captcha to captcha solving services like deathbycaptcha

All captchas works, except recaptcha.

27. How To Be Safe on Anchor Text Distribution?
Penguin safe: 
1. Use Naked URL 
2. Use your brand name as Anchor Use 
3. Use Main Keyword, LSI Keywords
4. General Keywords - Click here, get more info, check out this


28. How much magic submitter costs and what is the guarantee?
The Magic Submitter costs $4.95 up front for a 30 day trial of the software. After 30 days you will be billed 67 per month. In addition, the company also offers you a 60 day no questions asked refund period. So if you are not satisfied with the product during anytime in the first 60 days you can ask and receive a prompt refund of up to $71.95 (4.95 + 67).

29. Customer Service for magic submitter?
My thoughts so far is that the customer service is top quality. This is very important to me when I purchase a product. I grade Alex’s custom service AAA+++ at this point. “Awesome tool by the way. I wonder if people really know the insane power they have access to with Magic Submitter.

If you have additional questions please contact alexander at or skype okrulik

30. Senukex VS Magic submitter?
Magic Submitter is slower than SENuke X because it can only handle a fraction of the simultaneous submission browsers. Supposedly, this software can only perform three tasks at once while SENuke X can perform up to ten. The submission rates of Magic Submitter were sometimes low (under 50%) for various reasons, one of them being the new account email verification failing.

Magic Submitter vs SENuke
SENuke is a more mature product
SENuke is able to submit to more sites at once while Magic Submitter is limited to just 3.
SENuke has build in auto-captcha solving
SENuke only has a fixed number of supported sites

31. Can I add custom site to submit content using magic submitter? 
The feature that sets Magic Submitter apart from all other products is that you can add any site that accepts content through a form to the software. What this means is that if you own a site or you find a site on the Internet that you want to post your spun content to you can add it to the software so that it will do it for you with a push of a button.

32. Why the MS submission rate is so low?
The submission rates of Magic Submitter were sometimes low (under 50%) for various reasons, one of them being the new account email verification failing.

33. How do I know whether my email is created and the email is working! or it show wrong captcha entered?
Because not possible to detect real error, 
Open profile, you need just to click test connection button, if it works then account created, if not try to create again

34. How can I see magic submitter background mode? 
Use Alt-Tab 
if you like to see it always, go to options screen expert settings, set view webbrowser windows
Eg. You want to see how magic submitter create a hotmail in a browser.

35. How do I know which email is used to create the massive accounts (2000+ accounts) in magic submitter?
1. open profile
2. check what is stated in email field
3. that email used to create acocunts

What is in profile that is used to create acocunts

36. Can I change the email or profile name if email is invalid?
If you cannot create a email account using the username for reason like email username being used. Then just delete away the email, don't start creating accounts.

As all the accounts will use the details in the profile, so if you change it, all the accounts will not work !

37. How many profiles is recommend to create for a site?
2-3 profiles, more than that make no sense. 3 or 10 profiles, it has no any influence on ranking at all.

38. How much is magic submitter costs?
$1199.00 Lifetime
$474.00 Annual
$67 Monthly

39. Is there a spinner integrated with magic submitter
Yes. Magic Article Rewriter

40. Is there indexing service integrated with magic submitter
Currently there is:

41. Magic submitter shows errors (cant find register button etc.)
The problem could be connected to your VPN service as some of the servers of VPN service can be blocklisted.
Try to test accounts creation without VPN or if you don't want to expose your IP try proxy servers.

Public proxies = 0-50% on registering accounts
Shared Proxies and Private Proxies = 50%+ (They are near same rate of success)
Own IP = Near 100%

42. The site is unavailable. Try again later.Yes, the problem is most likely with your proxy servers. They might be too remote from your current location, so try to use closer servers. Or it is technical error message usually mean that site is died, it means that MS can't connect to site. 

43. How can I Scheduled Tasks with random profiles?

44. Can Magic submitter track ranking?
No. and alex is not going add Magic Rank Tracker functions to MS

45. How can I confirm successful submission of video?
Try checking your link manager. Once the videos are submitted the links should appear in the link manager.

46. Poor Video Account Creation?
Try without proxies, see if magic submitter can gets any better rate of registering account as using own IP is the best.

47. Why my email have not been verified? 
MS check accounts created automatically with 20 min of delay. It will not check if you have restarted MS or your PC during that 20 min.

48. Really Low Registration Sucess Rate on Blog Service?
Yes, the rate of success on registering blog service is less than 50% 

49. What is unable to find form:0?

50. Unable to create youtube account. WHY?! Youtube is the best video site why I cannot create account? 
You have to manually create youtube account then doubleclick youtube in MS and set email,login and password.

51. Can't connect to mailbox
1. is down. Try ping it, see if you got a timeout.
2. email username has been used just recreate using another email username

52. Setting up MS on 2nd PC? How do I import the profiles, campaigns etc from PC1 to PC2?
Backup your database on old PC and restore it on new PC, read about backup restore in user guide. Make sure you have also exported your logins.

53. Project & Profiles Lost?
it is not possible to lost profiles or project
Click open profile button then CHOOSE PROJECT NAME! on that screen and you will see your profiles

54. What platforms has the most captcha queries? Buying captcha's is killing me!
Expression engine and pligg

55. What platforms have the most submission failure?
Failures came from the Blogs and Expression Engines mostly. 

56. Was Charged Twice This Month?
please contact Alex directly in skype or via Help Desk at

57. Randomly choose Categories? Picking Categories wastes my time!
Click Set Categories button, then Select All button and then Select at the bottom of the screen - it will select random categories for most of the sites

58. Error: Invalid User name, lost your password on all of them
Try to create new email profile and then rerun accounts creation for this type of service

59. I have made a mistake on several articles and blogs that I just noticed after I have completed the submissions. Is there anyway that I can edit the submitted items and resubmit so that when I resubmit it edits the articles/blogs that I have just submitted replacing the old content?
You can edit and resubmit but that would be a new post. Unfortunately there's no default option in MS for editing content.
However you can add the editing in User Defined commands via Designer. But in you case i believe it would be faster to edit content on the sites manually

60. Which one should I tick for Captcha Sniper - Captcha Types
Here is whats available in CS...

WordPress Articles





@lex Guestbook
Perl GuestBook
Purple Yin
Ricar GuestBook
'Enter Word Verification in box below'

Image Gallery
Gallery 2
Pixel Post


Article PLR Script

User Defined
AchimWinkler Guestbook
Advanced Guestbook
Article Direcotory Pro
Basti Guestbook
DeepWorld Guestbook
Coppermine Photo Gallery
Coppermine Photo Gallery-login
Easy Guestbook
Firebook Guestbook
flat PHPbook
GA Gaestebunch
Gajin at Guestbook
General Blogs
HyperBook Guestbook
Jax Guestbook
Link Bid Script
Maian Guestbook
Nuke Guestbook
PHP Fusion Guestbook
TPK Guestbook
Unknown Directory
Unknown Guestbook 2
Viral Socializer Script
Xeobook Guestbook

As stated at - Captcha Sniper will solve Article MS, Wordpress Blogs, SMF, and standart Pligg captchas for you

I usually tick most of them, for MS I tick all except guest books.

61. I want to add 8000 bookmarking services( sites ment for bookmarks) to get bookmarks (links). How can add the list because adding one by one can be a great wastage of time?
You can use Bulk Add option - select Designer tab, then select Bookmarking services and click Bulk Add button

62. Error: Unable to create account- error- "Verification required"
Click Read Emails button to activate your accounts after creation

63. Harvester tutorials? How to use the proxy harvester in magic submitter?

64. How can I monetize using MS?

1. Choose a product
1. ->Marketplace->Category->Pick product with grav at least 60
2. Look over sales page and make sure it's good. if something has an alexa ranking of less than 100,000 then its good.
4. Create hoplink->Clickbank nickname = [your clickbank id]
5. Copy and save the link at the top... called the "affiliate link"

2. Keyword Research
1. Brainstorm a keyword that people would use to search for your product.
2. Open up Market Samurai and type that keyword.
3. Check for more words by keyword resercher (copm 50.000, traffic <80)
4. Check competitors (PR, BL)
5. Copy keyword that has copm >50.000 traffic <80, BL, PR = green, intitle = the smallest then copy it to clipboard.

65.I've added one new service to check the IP used and it doesn't show my proxies IP?
The UI is quite confusing when comes to use proxies.
You have to both check use proxies and rotate proxies
Rotate proxies should by default check the use proxy checkbox

66. Not Seeing Any Results
MS makes it much faster to do the things you would other wise have to do manually, and if you had done it manually the results would not have been different, so if you don't get results it could be many things, maybe your articles is not proper spunned, maybe it's a tough keyword, and yes 1 1/2 month is not a long time to let the SE's do their thing.

And with regards backlinks, they will always take long to get indexed to the point where they are being shown to you, none of them will ever show you every backlink they know of.

67. How do I cancel my subscription?
Inside Paypal you can just go to manage your subscriptions and turn it off there.

68. What happen if I delete my profile?
You lost your profile, accounts, content together

69. What should I do before reformatting my computer?
Export all the database and logins details before reformatting your computer. Then install magic submitter and import all the database and login.

70. If magic submitter webbrowser cannot load?
It could be that your anticvirus delete it

71. What is $4.95 Magic Submitter trial offer?
The trial month is $4.95 and this enables you to be able to submit your content to 10 sites in each category for a total of 100+ sites.
This allows you to learn Magic Submitter and put to the test on your own sites so you can see how powerful it is. If you like what you see and feel that you are satisfied with Magic Submitter just go to this page and chose the upgrade option:
All sales are final and no refunds are available after purchase Magic Submitter Upgrade

Please don’t forget to email me at telling me that you have upgraded so I can cancel your trial order. 

72.Why is my Magic Submitter account blocked?
It could happen if you were not charged for the next month usage or bought Magic Submitter trial for the second time (you cannot buy trial for more than once)
Use the link below to renew your subscription:

73. I have used Magic Submitter trial before, where can I sign up with regular price?
Please use the link below:

74. How can I upgrade my Magic Submitter trial to full version?
You can upgrade using link below:

75. How many computers can I install Magic Submitter on?
You can install Magic Submitter on more then one pc but only for your personal usage

76. I would like to use Magic Submitter at my company. How many licenses do I need?
You have to buy the copy of Magic Submitter for each of your employee. And you can 
transfer your own license.

There is discount system:
2 Licenses 3 PCs
3 Licenses 5 Pcs
4 Licenses 7Pcs
5 Licenses 10Pc

77. I want to promote Magic Submitter, where can I sign up?
You can sign up here:

78. Is there any affiliate offer on promoting magic submitter yearly plan? 
No, affiliate offer is available only for monthly subscriptions.

79. License invalid. System clock has been tampered 
The problem is with your date and timezone settings. Try to set up them correctly

80. Deleted services by mistake
Go to system and then click Clear updates. Relaunch MS it should propose you to 
update db. You will have lost any submission records for them though (although your back links will still exist).

81. My Links Not Showing Correctly On The Site
Make sure you put your links in html format with http:// prefix like 

<a href="">This is my site</a>

82. MS keeps crashing
Go to options screen, set browser windows to 3, and threads to 5.
Lower the threads if your magic submitter still crashing.
The browser window setting goes to a maximum of 16 and the socket threads settings goes to 25.
Max Threads Count changed to 100 - tested on PC with Core I7 CPU 4Gb Memory, works very well and stable, got speed 400 sites/registered per minute for PLIGG sites
Magic Submitter is multi-threaded, meaning you are able to choose to have 1 to 3 browser windows registering accounts at one time. For those who have a fast computer and fast internet connection you ought to use the maximum three browsers to improve registration speed.

83. How to create Magic Submitter profile?
1. Click Create Profile buton at the Profile Actions section.

2. Click Fill Profile button, select Hotmail and click OK button.

Fill in the rest of the info like Web URL, Company and Company Info.

The rest software will do for you, you will just need to enter captcha services like deathbycaptcha,imagetyperz,bypasscatpcha.

After the process is finished select Mail Services from Services Types and you will see that Hotmail account was created.

Open profile again and Click Test Connection button and you will see dialog box asking 

Would you like to automatically create Hotmail account. Click Yes.

84. Cannot create email? Why? 
Click on Clear then Click on Check it will update the database. All email accounts creation should work after updating database. If the website is not in the list of magic submitter websites, magic submitter will not be able to create accounts.

85. For email accounts creation?
Normally, only outlook and aol email account will be created successfully

86 How long magic submitter take to create a profile with all accounts (2000+ accounts in all services types)?
Approx 2 hours

87. What is the VPN service recommended?
MS recommend HMA as VPN and that is the best I think, but I like to use semi/dedicated ip's instead, 10 semi dedicated from works fine for me.

88.A way to tell total backlinks created for 1 keyword within a project.
This button in Campaign Designer should help you, it exports all the links from that campaign in excel format.

89. I get the error message: "Please ensure that all submit item fields have value."
Make sure all fields are filled up with value.

90. My computer turns to sleep after 30 minutes or so...
Go to start and run ''power'' go to power options. 

91. Can you submit your article to all services types at once ? YES! You need to fill up all the value in the fields before submitting.

Make sure all the categories set for the blue color ones and submit!

Social bookmark submission rate CMI !

Blogs - Low submission rate! 

RSS - Average submission rate

PDF Sites 

WP Sites 

After you submitted all your content to all services types remember to go to link manager to ping all the links to get indexed by google or send all the links to indexing service like backlink indexer.

Blog Platforms (Quite low success rate)

PLGG - Super low success rate, errors! however accounts creation is perfect.


You can 

Add, Edit, Delete Links

Shorten your URLs using

Ping your links using free pingers 

Send your links to indexing service like backlink indexer
It will check whether your links are alive and send the links to backlink service like backlink indexer.
But firstly you need to set up backlink indexer indexing service

To subscribe to go to:

Get random link list

There are 4 button here

First one is to create bookmark for links and submit to social bookmark sites
Here is the recommended content settings

Then these 2 button is to create rss feeds for your links and the right button is to mix your rss feeds. As you know RSS feeds is a very powerful way to get backlinks just submit your RSS feeds to all the rss sites and you will get massive of backlinks pointing back to your website.

91. Creating outlook email account failed? Test connection failed? Why?
Magic submitter might show up captcha solving failed, in fact it is because your daily creation of outlook email accounts has reached.
This is because your daily limit of creating outlook email accounts has reached. Every 24 hours you are allowed to create only 5 outlook email accounts.

92. What video formats does MS supports?
File formats - wmv,mp4,avi,flv
Keep your video file size less than 10Mb

92. After I reformat my computer and start up magic submitter and got this error pop up? How to solve this?
Reinstall Magic submitter

93. Is HTML embeddable in magic submitter submission field? Yes!
<a_href="URL">Anchor Text</a>

94. How can I fill in the bookmark fields? You can fill in more than 20 bookmark URLs in the field.

95. How can I spin the Anchor text or URLs I am submitting? 
Separate URLs or anchor text using pipe "|"

96. How Can I Submit Items? The Right Way!

97. I have built more than 200 back links. But just now I checked the number of backlinks from one of the seo websites i.e. . It is showing just 5 back links.
Those service like ahrefs are never going to pick up all of your backlinks because they are third party crawlers they might get some but not the lower tier links like MS builds, buy some blog posts etc. and you will more than likely see those show up.

You have to realize that Google has probably thousands of processors scouring the web and some two bit outfit like ahrefs may have a dozen. Also think about who the number of backlinks is increasing everyday. How many greyhat magic submitter, senuke, etc. internet marketers are out there and how many millions of links are created every day? Worldwide?? How about legitimate white hat links? How many of those per day? If it is hard for Google and bing to keep up, it is impossible for ahrefs to keep up. I am shocked they found 5 links! I expected zero. Google is infinitely more advanced and they have more hardware and bigger pipes for this job.

98. If my video is larger than 100mb advisable to submit using magic submitter?
Alex suggested to keep video less than 20mb. Compress it using SUPER@ 

99. How to upload PDF?
Same way as blog, paste the article to the field and MS will automatically create pdf and submit the pdf file to pdf sharing sites.

100. How to submit all content to all service types using a button?
Using campaign feature add all services types and set content to them. Campaign Wizard 
Fill in all the information and you are ready to submit to all the services types

101. Should I ping all content after submitting
Better is to use indexer service like backlink indexer.

102. How to backup all logins using a single click?
You may backup whole database only.

103. How to insert image or embed video in the article?
Use html format for images or videos like you do on any page.

104. Can ms do keyword decoration like bold, underline,italic,change font type,size?
Yes you may use that tags in your article. 
Eg. <b></b>

105. Can I add random categories to all article? using a single click
Yes, select niche then click button next to niche dropdown, most of sites will have selected categories.

106. How can I make sure that anchor text % is controlled?
Example: raw url 30%, generic keywords 20%, keyword 10%, lsi keyword 40%
MS sites is in the way you have described
Using randomize anchor button

107. What is the % my content get indexed by google?
No one know this.

108. How to preview article? Here is the button to preview article!

109. I only getting like 20-30 links from article directories once my campaigns are finished even though there are hundreds of links in my link manager?
Many article directories have approve your article before it's live on their site, and that can take between a day and a month. And first then can you get the links, so next time you submit MS will check to see if there are any links and get then if there are.

110. How To Use Random List list? Just implemented.
You may create a few random links lists per project and attach one particular link list to particular Item to Submit. 
All your old random links settings are converted to contextual links in your content.

111. How much captcha costs to submit my articles to all the websites in ms?
about USD $1.5-$2

Database Update, Backup, Restore

1.Where can I get the latest version of MS?
Here's the updates page:

2.Unable to connect to database problem
Go to system tab click restore button sort files by date modified and open latest modified file

3.Updating MS
When you open and there is an update MS will inform about it. The software will try to download the updated version of the database if it succeeds then fine your stuff should be there. Restart MS after update.
If it fails go to the system tab and click the check button it should work and update the database.
If you are still having trouble then try going to the system tab and click check to update 

4. Moving MS to another PC
1. Create folder on your PC. "MS Backups". 
2. Go to System Tab in MS and click Backup button
3. Backup your current PC database to " MS Backups ". Then, it will be sitting there in case you need to refer to it later.
4. Transfer the backup file to your new PC4. 
5. Start MS on new PC . Go to System tab and click restore button, choose file you have transferred

After you submit your links, the links will appeared on the link manager right here and you can choose to ping all of the links to get the links indexed by google or send them to link submission indexing service like


Anchor Text and Linking

1. There are a lot of format of URLs, which one should I anchor with the keywords?
The domain root level slash makes no difference. With and without are considered the same.
However, with or without www does make a difference. It is best to chose one form, stick with it and set up a 301 redirect from the other form to enforce it.

Proxies Related

James teach you how to set up HMA VPN on Magic submitter

1. What are the best VPN in the internet?


Free VPN



Open VPN

Its Hidden

Cyberghost --> Good for Germany

Hotspot Shield
How To Use HotSpot Shield [VPN] with NO ADS!
1. Download Google Chrome
2. Download HotSpot Shield
3. Go on Google and search "Adblock" and download it for Chrome.
4. Enable AdBlock
5. Turn on HotSpot Shield.
6. Enjoy your VPN with NO ADS at ALL!

VPN Tool --> Good US


Free VPN








Direct Link :
Website Link :
You can get free RDP or VPS from this site.. So, I thought to check the site and Yehh! I got it.. There is no limit like cloud hosting and all.. Full connection to internet!

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